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Frequently asked questions

You can go to the Winners page and watch the videos of the Megasweeps Winners.
Any state or national lottery ticket that shows its drawing date has passed in the previous week. (e.g. Powerball, MegaMillions, Super Lotto Plus, Fantasy Five) Scratchers are not allowed at this time, as they do not have dates. 

Remember only losing lottery tickets qualify!
All $1,000 weekly prizes are guaranteed.  For the monthly Mega Sweeps, if the selected winner does not win the $50,000 MegaSweeps prize, he/she is guaranteed to receive a $1,000 cash prize. See the Official Rules for details.
You can upload as many tickets as you wish.
Because 2ndchancelottery.com's revenues are derived from ads served to its users.
No, 2ndchancelottery.com is a private business, is not associated with any State Lottery, and does not sell tickets.
Your privacy is important to us and your personal data will not be sold or shared with any outside parties. See our full privacy policy.
Upload the front of your eligible tickets, we need to be able to read both the lottery numbers and your drawing date.
No, you do not, but it is OK if you have already written your name on the ticket.  Each ticket you upload is automatically associated with your user account by the system.
Bonus entries can be earned by sharing www.2ndchancelottery.com with your friends on Facebook,  Twitter or via email, from the share icons on the top right of teh website.

You will receive one (1) bonus entry for each share each day, i.e. up to 3 bonus entries each day.  Note that you must still have at least one eligible ticket upload to qualify to win. 
Winners are notified via email and typically within 3 days after each sweepstakes period has ended.  Once a winner has been verified, winner's image and first name will be published on the WINNERS page of the site.
2ndChanceLottery.com is a NO PURCHASE NECESSARY sweepstakes website and is not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with any state lottery.  Registered users can upload unlimited number of their losing lottery tickets to the website for a chance to win weekly and monthly cash prizes.  
2ndchancelottery.com's business model is based on ad revenues which are generated when users watch ads before they can submit their lottery tickets.

Each uploaded ticket will be eligible to win maximum of 2 prizes in each calendar month: one weekly prize and one monthly MegaSweeps prize. There are 4 weekly periods and prizes in each calendar month.  The last weekly period in each month can be 7 to 10 days, depending on the month. 

At the end of each calendar month, all uploaded tickets from the previous month may be removed from the system.

During the inaugural months of July and August 2022, there was two bi-weekly $1,000 prizes.

No, Scratcher lottery tickets are not eligible.

Upload as many tickets as you want!

You receive one Sweepstakes Entry for each ticket you upload and increase your chances of winning!

Official Rules